Benefit from best connections – and setting of new standards.

Communication with other people across spatial borders and time differences: That has always been fascinating and an innovation driver at the same time. In the meantime, felt sound barriers have been broken through since the invention of the telephone, since the new wireless standard 5G makes real-time communication and data transfer possible for us all. Wherever we are. And by this the development potential has by no means been exhausted yet …

From A to Z in the best of hands – 360° service included.

Observed in this virtual time lapse, Netbuilt Rollout Services GmbH, founded in 2017, is a young enterprise. And still we unite long-standing expertise in all areas of the telecommunications sector – from the 1990s when the first GSM wireless networks were launched.

‚We live rollout‘ is not only our self-understanding but moreover our promise for you. From project planning and coordination up to the E2E rollout we cooperate closely with you, connect the latest engineering systems, features and technologies and develop sustainable solution concepts together. Competent, reliable and with highest demands on the quality of our services. Innumerable projects and references indicate our professional expertise.

We are available – with services around telecommunications from profs to profs.

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