Success is not a matter of chance – success starts in the mind.

Whoever wants to persist today must not be stuck in the past tomorrow. Staying curious, thinking a step ahead, questioning the status quo: we know that boundless imagination is an important parameter for economic success. Therefore, we are glad about every single idea – and encourage it. Because the real adventures are in our minds. Or they start there at least.  

Our motto: thinking ahead instead of copying.

With more than 25 years on board of concentrated experience in the telecommunications market the present history of NRS is also a history of landmark decisions, e.g. towards the 360° services for rollout projects. And of visions we implement together as a team in line with the market and in a realistic way. These are only two success factors to accompany you into the future safely.

Another factor: our strong team.

In rapidly changing, rapidly growing markets enterprises only survive with and by their employees. We therefore create conditions under which all individuals can outgrow themselves, under which inspiration and innovation succeed, where autonomous tasks and smooth cooperation work.

Quality and sustainability

The NXT Group, of which we are a part, operates a common comprehensive quality and environmental management system (hereinafter „QUMS“). The QUMS provides the framework of processes and overarching documents for these areas. In our actions, we examine the impact on the environment at all times and strive to operate in a resource-conserving and sustainable manner. In order to operate in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible and to take advantage of energy-saving potential, measures are developed and implemented to reduce our environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. NXT publishes an annual sustainability report on its sustainability and climate performance.

For its efforts in sustainability performance, NXT Group has been awarded the 2023 Bronze Label by The Climate Choice. Our sustainability profile, which has also received an award, can also be found online at IntegrityNext.

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