Where we go

Clear path, clear goal.

Global. Mobile. Digital. New technologies shape the face of our times; with 5G data race around the world in real time. Change is our own constant. Almost. For, in spite of all moving forward and with all innovativeness we hold on some values which seem to originate from another time. We cultivate personal relationships with our customers and business partners and we keep our word.

100 percent commitment – 360° service from a single source.

In cooperation with NRS you shall appreciate these virtues immediately. Open-minded, with open ears and open-hearted we shall discuss your rollout projects and find the suitable solution together with you. Thanks to our comprehensive experience, the deep knowledge of the European telecommunications market and our profound specialist know-how gained from tenth of thousands of projects we offer you a wide range of services – from consultancy and planning of single phases to our integrated 360° rollout concept.

Passion for innovative technologies – and new mindsets.

In every project you can count on the following: We have well-developed business routines and rely on proven rollout methods, like Scrum, extensive databases and reliable IT solutions. And we are supported by strong service partners and well-experienced project managers. Thus we are capable to build and manage several thousands of sites including their connections in parallel.

You see: We live rollout. And for this purpose we gladly give more than 100 percent.

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NRS Netbuilt Rollout Services GmbH
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